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By joining our community you help grow and support and the projects that we work on. is separate to HellHades’ Twitch and YouTube and is not directly funded through these channels. Development and hosting of the site and the time associated costs both time and money so showing your support allows us to make the site bigger and better every day. 

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We understand that not everyone can afford to contribute to the site and the majority of the features will always be accessible to the community at no cost. However, to develop and grow specific products for the site it will cost time and money to make it happen. 

We are opening up access to the beta version of our products to paid members first, as a thank you for the support and also to help us test and grow the features that we will be bringing to the site.

Premium Membership FAQ

Our premium memberships are the best way to support the team, our tools and future products we create. There are several perks that come with your premium membership. Check our FAQ page that answers many questions our community frequently asks.

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Please Read the FAQ Page on premium memberships before purchasing fully. Your membership is to support the team, our tools and future product developments. A membership is not a purchase of any specific product or benefit.

You should also review our Refund Policy before signing up to plans.


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Take out a monthly membership subscription choosing on of the tiers below. There are no minimum terms and subscriptions can be upgraded or downgraded at any time.


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Don’t want to worry about monthly payments? Our annual membership plans are a one-off payment that grants full access to the selected membership level for 1 year without the need for a subscription. Annual memberships receive 12 months of access for the price of 10 months.

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Our team work tirelessly to bring the best resources for the games we support. We are constantly reacting to our communities needs and expectations including specific feedback. If you wish to contribute or provide feedback, please join our Discord community where we have dedicated channels to discuss the website and its tools.