Raid Shadow Legends Account Takeovers and Coaching

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    *List champions you do not want gear to be changed

    We will leave any stated champions below as they were before your takeover. If you are happy for any artifacts on any champion to be used - please state 'None'

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These takeovers will be approved and completed by one of the HellHades team **


Payment will be taken upfront and held in PayPal until the completion of the takeover.

If we accept a takeover we will complete it to the best of our abilities. If you are unhappy with the final result we are open to discuss the outcome and next steps.

All takeover service will require a specific amount of silver indicated next to the service, the more you have the more flexible and experimental we can be!

Make sure you create a new password for this takeover and when the account is returned ensure you change the password immediately again!

** Not specifically by HellHades and will not necessarily go on YouTube

General Account Assessment/Coaching
This service is to help you gain some direction in the game. A member of our team will spend some time looking around your account and giving you feedback on how you can progress into the next stage of the game. This will usually consist of learning what you are struggling with in the game and where you would like to see your account progress the most. We will not actually action changes on your account in this session but we will equip you with the tools to go away with an idea of how to grow your account yourself.

Gear Cleanse
For this, we will go into your account, and cleanse your account – and clear out items that are useless to you for your account level, this will be tailored to suit YOUR account level. Rolling gear is not included in this purchase.

Advanced Gear Cleanse
For this, we will go into your account, and cleanse your account – and clear out items that are useless to you for your account level, this will be tailored to suit YOUR account level. The Advanced Gear Cleanse includes rolling up un-rolled gear.

Champion Regear
We will regear ONE champion of your choice, for the area of your choice, for example – If you wanted us to rebuild your arena nuker, we would regear that Champion to fit into your team for you.

Dungeon Team Regears
We will regear ONE Dungeon team of your choice, to help you reach a stated goal, whether it be getting past Spider 19, or getting stage 25 Ice Golem on-farm, whatever it is you need, we will do everything in our power to get it done for you.

Demon Lord Clan Boss Team Regear
This one is fairly self-explanatory, we will help you push your Demon Lord clan boss team to your desired goal, for example taking you from NM to UNM on Demon Lord Clan Boss within the means of your account. We will build you a team, and provide you with the relevant setups to run your team after we are done.

Hydra Clan Boss Team Regear + Coaching
A member of our team will build you a team for the desired rotation of Hydra Clan Boss at a difficulty that you choose, of course this will be depending on your accounts capabilities. Once your team is built, you will receive a 1-on-1 coaching session specifically tailored to your Hydra Clan Boss team, explaining how it works, and what you should look out for, how it can be improved and what your next steps should be. IMPORTANT: Hydra Clan Boss has multiple rotations and as such your team may not work on all of them, the member of our team who is handling your order will give you examples of what will stop this team in it’s tracks and how you may work around it on other rotations such as Champion pivots.

Doom Tower Team Regear
Stuck on a Doom Tower boss? our team will help you build a team to get through a boss or stage in Doom Tower. This service will include building a team to get you through a specific boss for Doom Tower. If you are looking to get past a specific wave we can help with that too! just let the team member know what you are after and we will do our best with your account and gear to keep you progressing.

Classic Arena Team Regear
We will build you an Arena Team, whether it be Offense or Defense, to help you compete in the desired level of arena that is stated in the order, or help you to climb to the desired checkpoint.

3v3 Arena Team Regear
We will build your 3v3 Arena Teams, whether it be Offense or Defense, to help you compete in the desired level of 3v3 arena that is stated in the order, or help you to climb to the desired checkpoint.

Faction Wars Team Build

We will help to build you a team to complete a certain Faction Wars stage,  the completion time on this one may vary due to the correct crypt needing to be open.

Fast Track Service
If you need this takeover done quickly, our Fast Track Service guarantees a member of our team will start your takeover within 48 hours.

*As mentioned, these will be carried out by members of the Team who are trusted with plenty of experience in the game in all areas. These may not necessarily be completed by HellHades himself and may not necessarily end up on YouTube.

270 reviews for Raid Shadow Legends Account Takeovers and Coaching

  1. allanon_ii (verified owner)

    Neva did my takeover. He did an outstanding job. Took my UNM unkillable from 3 key to 2 key and built it for all affinities and NM. Outstanding work!
    Was really easy to work with very responsive. Thanks Neva!

  2. gunnie_gugu (verified owner)

    Just tried out the Gear Cleanse to see how effective someone other than HH would be. Cold Brew actually did my cleanse and did a FANTASTIC job. Cleaned up a ton of room that I just didn’t have the patience to do myself AND got me over 30 million in silver doing it. Appreciate it CB! I’ll be using this again in the future for a quicker FK 25 team!

  3. disdisdis (verified owner)

    Excellent service! Very responsive and fast turnaround, complete with notes on what was done and suggestions for future improvement. Worth every penny. Thanks again!

  4. 3kings (verified owner)

    Went ahead and ordered the Gear Cleanse, happened same day and Cold Brew did it so quickly! Quite literally had 999/1000 in gear and 960/1000 in accessories and am now sitting at 649 gear and 496 accessories with 47M+ silver! Awesome work, and if I get lazy again, I would certainly purchase it a second time.

  5. Lint42 (verified owner)

    Neva did my gear cleanse and did the painstaking job of sorting through so much equipment. Awesome communication! Great to work with! Wonderful service!

  6. Dareboy999 (verified owner)

    I had my takeover done by Neva and it exceeded my expectations. he took me from a 3 key to a 2 key UNM clan boss and doubled the damage I do per key! overall, I had a great experience and Neva did a great job communicating. 100% would recommend!

  7. Handgr3n4de (verified owner)

    Ron did my gear cleanse and General Assessment and he was outstanding. HH give this man a raise! He definitely went above and beyond helping me and answering my questions to put me on the right track as a newer player.

    Will definitely be coming back for a proper re-gear and team setup in the future!!!

  8. David chapman (verified owner)

    Cold Brew did my account take over. I could not put together a winning team I was stuck on bronze in the arena I need to be at silver. Cold Brew did his magic setup my team and I was able to get to gold in arena. Excellent. Thank you Buddy.

  9. blademkd (verified owner)

    hi, Rust did my general account takeover today. Very positive feedback for him, I did make list for several areas in the game for improvements , he answer and pointed out in the right direction. Thank you

  10. Saint Kid (verified owner)

    Outstanding Job!!!
    Ron did my gear cleanse today, he took his time and cleared all items that were not Adequate for my account. The attention to detail was remarkable, talking the time not to bin gear that I’ve rolled up and shared his thoughts of what to do with them.
    I appreciated the general-feedback afterwords about what to look for, and where to farm next,
    I highly recommend any of the services here, Ron was extremely courteous, personal and professional in every encounters. I would definitely be back.

    Thank you Ron for all your hard work, it is beyond appreciated.

  11. Gambiteer (verified owner)

    Neva did a gear cleanse and general advise on my account and did a fantastic job. Knocked out in a couple hours. I started with 9 mil and ended with 56.3 mil, and got half of my artifact slots back thanks to him. Highly recommend!

  12. WildSeabass (verified owner)

    I did gear cleanse and I went from having overfill to about 400/1000 gear very happy. Also I got about 30 mil on silver I recommend doing this since is basically like buying a silver. I would use it again in the future for other services very efficient.

  13. Ivalenz (verified owner)

    Neva responded quickly and coached me through setting up my first *successful* unkillable clan boss team. YouTube videos and calculators go only so far, nothing comes close to professional expertise tailored specifically to you.

  14. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Ron did an amazing job with my account. Worked on my gear cleanse, general overview, helped my UNM team, sorted my Fire Knight squad….was patient, punctual, communicative and understanding. Really helped me understand the stuff I wasn’t grasping. Very very happy I reached out for the service. Would recommend to anyone.

  15. TCold (verified owner)

    Ron did general coaching for me today and I am very happy with what I got. Got me some great directions to go for in arena, clan boss and general progression. Got a lot of leveling and building up champs to go, but am very confident in the path he set me on.

  16. demonicherc (verified owner)

    I purchased the Gear Cleanse on Friday and it was completed on Monday.
    Absolutely delighted by the service provided by Rondo. The man is an absolute legend, Hellhades if you are seeing this please give this man a raise and a bonus and a hug.
    Will definitely be back after i get more gear and get maneater up to the required lvl for CB takeover.
    Thanks Rondo you are a rockstar.

  17. FevDar (verified owner)

    Sophiaox cleaned my gear and fixed my arena,service complete with notes on what was done and suggestions for future improvement.
    Thank you

  18. CiretheViking (verified owner)

    Rondolebron did a gear cleanse for me, and as far as I know they did a great job. I paid to have it done because I stuck at it, so I’m not the best judge of it. They were very friendly and communicative though and gave me pointers at the end. Would recommend!

  19. Nicolas (verified owner)

    Neva did a gear cleanse to help me get rid of the “what if I need it in a decade” items that weren’t so great. He also helped me prioritize and I will certainly ask his help for an unkilllable CB team since YouTube/articles aren’t that easy to follow for such setup!

  20. Xct4417 (verified owner)

    Neva is an arena takeover master! fast, reliable, and easy!

  21. jbrawdy16 (verified owner)

    Rondolebron did a gear cleanse, and I gotta say I know it couldn’t have been easy. He reached out to me within 24 hours of me requesting a gear cleanse which I thought was really fast. I’m the type to try to keep everything because “what if”. Had overflowing inventory on both artifacts and accessories. He cut my overall gear down by half and got me 40mil more silver. He took the time afterwards to discuss with me what I am lacking in and what to be on the look out for. He also went to explain what synergies I should be looking for in different gear sets. I would recommend this service to anyone. Very outstanding job and I can’t say thank you enough!!!

  22. LORD-AZAMAR (verified owner)

    Hi all what a great bunch of people plenty advice given and a good job done cheers

  23. BadRaidDad (verified owner)

    Neva did an account review/coaching for me today and it was great! Helped think about my CB and arena lineups in new ways. Highly recommended!

  24. JimmyPM (verified owner)

    Neva planned to do my takeover tonight, but after he saw my roster he asked if he could get on and start a little. He couldn’t help himself and just finished it all right after I submitted the order.

  25. Zarbon001 (verified owner)

    Rondolebron did a gear cleanse for me. He was very quick to reach out to me after I submitted the order. We were able to quickly pick a time for him to takeover my account. He was able to remove over 400 artifacts, 500 accessories, and just under 275 items in my inbox. Then he concisely went through everything he removed and what good pieces I had and was not using. After all of that, he answered my questions and gave me good advice moving forward. I absolutely recommend that anyone needing a gear cleanse use this service. If I get myself in a situation with too much gear again, I will use this service again.

  26. Sealion (verified owner)

    Just completed account assessment/coaching. 10/10 would recommend anyone who needs an assessment or guidance reach out and go for it.

    Very helpful indeed, helped me progress with Dragons, Spider and Fire Knight + Arena team guidance and some bonus Clan Boss too tweaking my UNM team for extra damage!! They were very helpful and explained all the decisions and reasoning to me, which for a newer player was a real bonus as I was getting overwhelmed with all the YT videos. It was a very personal approach and they are clearly very knowledgable about the game and more than happy to talk about it.

    I absolutely would recommend this service, and will be using it again in 3-4 weeks time to keep my progression ongoing. Next stop Doom Tower and Faction Wars!!

    I would absolutely recommend

  27. PNut (verified owner)

    Love fast, friendly, and professional service? Neva and the rest of the HH team are for you!
    Love getting silver but are too lazy to judge and sell your own items like me? Neva had your back!
    Emotionally attached to that 4 star rare you rolled to 16 back when you were a noob and hadn’t learned what the world has to offer? Grown as a person now and are ready to move on to better things but don’t have the strength to leave this unhealthy relationship in your own? Want to make room for the 6 star legendary with a quad speed roll but can’t move on on your own? Neva and the rest of the HH team can kick that old gear’s sorry but to the curb for you and help you realize you’re worth that better life!

  28. Ryan Murphy (verified owner)

    Rondolebron just completed my gear cleanse.

    I paid for the fast track service and it was done in less than 18 hours, from start to finish. Incredible.

    Rondolebron went above and beyond, not only did he cleanse my gear, got me 40 million silver, but also took screenshots of certain pieces and walked me through in great detail what made it either a good or bad piece of gear.

    Thanks again


  29. whiteslann (verified owner)

    Neva did my takeover, I went from 4 key UMN to 2 Key and he told me how to make it one key. The team also works on NM and brutal as well! He also helped me with how to improve my account overall. He was an awesome dude really helpful and nice. Would recommend this service to anyone that needs help in raid! 5 stars!!!!

  30. BadRaidDad (verified owner)

    Neva just finished my CB team tuneup and really improved my NM team. He helped me understand the mechanics and stats in a huge way as well as what gear/champions I need to improve further. He also shared insights into other aspects of the game. Highly recommend!

  31. Bart (verified owner)

    Rondolebron Did an gear cleaners and I must say he half my gear and gave me loads of silver,would highly recommend and the advice afterwards is priceless brilliant

  32. erica4477 (verified owner)

    I am pretty close to end game, and I was having trouble selling ANYTHING. I have 1000 pieces of gear and accessories in my box, and I never seemed to go down. My issue was that I had a lot of DECENT gear, but not much trash gear- and I was having trouble letting go of the average to good gear. Rondolebron did my gear cleanse, and he really helped me understand which gear I should look to cut from now on. I probably will now be much better at keeping my gear count under control. I highly recommend this service- because once you are able to take the advice given, you can keep up with it yourself. Very happy with the 52million silver I got out of this as well. 🙂

  33. rowaine (verified owner)

    good advice and I went from 700,000 to over 13million! Neva completed dragon 25 for me and gave some great advice. They also caught a critical mistake with my Nekhret the great, had him stacked with acc and none is needed. Small things but big to me!

  34. Leetoon88 (verified owner)

    Sophiaox coached me was fast friendly and has really helped show me a clear path forward 100% would recomend

  35. bprescot (verified owner)

    Rondolebron did a gear cleanse coaching, helping me get my spider team sorted as well! Great speedy service with good advice and pointers along the way. Everything from what game elements to prioritize at my level of game, how to approach gearing and deciding what gear to invest in, synergies between champs in my pool that were especially good and how to build teams that make use of them… A very very informative and valuable service that not only helped advance my account, but helped give me better tools and knowledge so that I can more easily continue that advancement by myself.

  36. JimmyPM (verified owner)

    Neva did another takeover for me! This time it was CB, and took the time to make sure it worked for UNM and NM like I specifically asked for. I can’t complain about any of Neva’s work and even checked out how I set up the arena team he built for me!

  37. TerryLu (verified owner)

    Neva did a great job for me to improve my clan boss from NM to 1 key UNM, and set up the auto run for me within a short time. Secondly, he cleansed my gear and guided me what to do in the future, all in a very good attitude. I appreciate it. Over all, choosing this service won’t be regret.

  38. WeaksauceTV (verified owner)

    Awesome service! Neva was very helpful and I will be coming back for sure!

  39. Fat_tuna01 (verified owner)

    Been playing ~18months as FTP, except for battle pass. Have solid roster, but didn’t feel I was getting best out of it. Ordered General Account guidance/ coaching. Neva got back to me within 24hrs and went through all my teams, restructuring all my dungeon teams, pointing out what I was missing AOE HP Burn for spider 25, advice on selection for 3v3 and changes to CB (was 3 key UNM). Now 25 on all dungeons except spider with good times, can auto 3v3 and 2 key unm CB. Neva was great and really helpful. Saved me a lot of wasted time in future and would 100% recommend.

  40. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Neva jumped right on my account and went to work. He was super excited about it too. I went from G2 to G4 in classic arena because of the easy fights and I decided I wanted to stay there. He helped me make a team that would do just that and I finished G4 two weeks in a row now. I was talking about my CB team and he looked and said he could easily help me make a NM/UNM team and helped me find the right clan to test my team out on. Awesome guy and really a delight to work with. Highly recommended.

  41. Lupo64 (verified owner)

    I asked for a gear cleanse and wanted an unkillable UNM/NM team. I don’t have the patience and time to sort out all the details and speeds. And after reading all the positive reviews, I decided to go for the help of the HH team. The next day, I got a message on discord from the big man ColdBrew himself that he was going to help.
    By the end of the day, I got myself a Pain-Eater comp. For some reason, I did not get the best results, and while pulling some shards for the fusion event, I got my second ManEater. I reached out to ColdBrew about the situation, and he himself offered to build a Bat-Eater comp. Running smoothly 1-2 key UNM and am happy as a little boy.

    I can highly recommend this kind of service. Quick, great quality and service till the end,

  42. zombie5457 (verified owner)

    I can not express how amazing my service was. I am one of those players that never understood what I was looking for in gear so I would just keep everything I got. I went ahead and requested the gear cleanse and to my surprise I was contacted by Sophiaox with in 24 hrs of my request, Sophiaox spent the time and explained what I was looking for out of gear. The process was extremely fast. After the process was complete I had a one on one and was able to ask any questions and now I feel I am setup for success. Thank you so much Sophiaox for your service. I highly recommend this service or any of the other services Hell Hades and his team offers.

  43. Brinks (verified owner)

    Neva was a great help to me, Im new and needed some kind of guidance on what to work towards next. He set me up with some critical goals and even suggested teams to achieve them. Im very happy with my assessment. Definitely would recommend.

  44. thedominium (verified owner)

    Amazing. The communication and attention given was great. Neva was amazing. Made the original changes, and then was happy to jump back on when my own mistakes needed attention. I’m now two keying UNM and one keying NM easily. Plus when I have new champions levelled and booked, Neva will jump back on again. So happy with the service. Can’t wait to get help with more aspects of the game.

  45. dyls2991 (verified owner)

    I had a gear Cleanse by Rondolebron and he did a S tier job of it all.

    He trimmed my inventory by over half including items I had stacked in my inbox and gave me some professional tips on how to prevent it getting to that state.

    He gave examples of excellent pieces and pieces that aren’t worth keeping hold of.

    Anyone who is considering the gear cleanse and is unsure should definitely do it as just the knowledge that was passed on is worth the price.

    Thank you again Ron 🙂

  46. Pinguinex (verified owner)

    Neva provided account coaching and a gear cleanse.
    He gave excellent advice and pointed at which champions to focus on and build next.
    So far i’ve built the suggested Clan Boss team and can run Brutal, NM and UNM in auto with UNM being a comfortable 2 key (55mil dmg per key).
    I got advice on how to improve my arena team, which i’m currently building, as well as my 3v3 team which was seriously lacking.
    My gear got a good spring cleaning and i got some pointers on what gear to look out for.
    Very happy with the service!

  47. Ivalenz (verified owner)

    Having had a great experience with a previous coaching session, I purchased a second session for help with managing gear. ColdBrew helped me understand that substats have to match or complement the primary stat and set bonuses. Also, since I am a late game player, ColdBrew was able to tell me what stats I needed to make it through the upper floors of Doom Tower, Hard (350 Accuracy for bosses, 250+ Accuracy for waves, 245-260 Speed, and 400 Resistance). It’s great to have a coach look at your account and provide specific advice.

  48. sae_1856 (verified owner)

    Purchased a gear cleanse. Not only did Rondolebron do an amazing job making the hard decisions for me, he spent an hour or so afterward giving me screenshots and answering general and specific questions about gear to keep and look for as I’m moving forward. That advice and the screenshots of good/bad pieces were arguably more valuable than the actual gear cleanse. I appreciate everything that was done for me and my account.

  49. Smokey48 (verified owner)

    I ordered the gear cleanse and was contacted by Rondolebron the next day to discuss things. He was able to login right away and get to work and was done within two hours. After all was said and done, he sold 50-60 accessories and over 600 pieces of gear which netted me over 33M silver. He then sent me screenshots and a ton of information on specific things to look for regarding stats and how they relate to the set pieces. The cleanse was greatly appreciated, but I would say the information provided afterward was even more helpful. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone struggling with their artifacts. Rondolebron was a huge help and is an excellent resource!

  50. Brians34 (verified owner)

    I asked to get a gear cleanse because I had like 1300 artifacts saved up and didn’t know which to get rid of. I am a hoarder. I got a message from Rondolebron and he immediately helped me out. He quickly cleared out the artifacts and even better he walked me through all the tips and tricks when looking at what to sell or roll. It was definitely worth the money and I love the service. Would recommend to anyone needing some help getting your bearings in the game.

  51. demonicherc (verified owner)

    i purchased the clan and dungeon team regear.
    Rondo carried this out for me. He first sorted out my dragon team. This allowed me to farm speed gear.
    He explained things to me and was extremely patient. I then took 2 weeks to farm gear, farm silver and level up the characters that he had recommended. Rondo then logged back and revamped my teams and he did an amazing job.
    I can now auto all 4 dungeons at level 20 and i can 2 key UNM clan boss and 1 key NM clan boss.
    Suffice to say the service was amazing.
    Hellhades if you are reading this, i just want to say you hve an amazing bunch of people working for you and i hope you reward them for all of their hard work 🙂
    thank you again Rondo.

  52. Anakin (verified owner)

    I was hesitant at first due to idea of someone having access to my account. After watching HH for a little time, I was still anxious but given the level of professionalism HH demonstrates and quality of everything I’ve seen, I decided to pursue a takeover. I was struggling with what to do to improve as my account spread too thin and hoarding. Shortly after purchase, I was contacted by Neva. Neva was professional, put me at ease, and presented the plan of attack after gathering additional details from me. Neva quickly completed the plan and went beyond what I could imagine. I have a plan of attack and thoroughly enjoying the challenges and fun ahead. If you’re struggling at all, look towards an HH takeover, you will not be disappointed.

  53. Pavao (verified owner)

    Was stuck on spider cold brew took on the task to advance me up a few levels had it done quick maybe an hour now I can auto spider dungeon under 30 seconds should of done this long time ago. Thanks again

  54. kenOBiD (verified owner)

    Just had a clan boss takeover and a general account review by Neva.

    He managed to get my crappy CB team from 20m per key in UNM to a consistent 60m+ on full auto!! he also managed to do it in record time too.

    he gave me great advice on what to focus on, potential compositions of my Arena teams, ideas on builds for my problem FW teams and what gear sets to focus on too

    when payday comes around i’m going to have to get him back on to sort out my 3v3 arena next! haha

    would 100% recommend

  55. Oreasa (verified owner)

    Neva did a coaching for me and was very quick about getting to it as well. He picked out some good champs for me to use in 3v3 that I was overlooking and even explained the nuances of a go 2nd team to me. It took me a while to build the teams we picked out, but now that I have them going, they’re working like a dream.

  56. Da Conqueror (verified owner)

    Sophia did a gear cleanse, arena build, and clan boss build for me. I had some specific items I needed corrected, and all those were corrected. My unkillable team got over a 20% boost in damage and now works against all affinities. I can now run my arena team against other Arbiter led teams. I could not be more happier with what I received. Thank You Sophia!!!!!!!

  57. CYB3RT (verified owner)

    BIG SHOUTOUT for Rondolebron !
    Bought a Gear Cleanse and got contacted a few hours after from him.
    We talked a bit after my account and he asked me if I want to keep specific Item-Sets and stuff like that.
    He cleansed my gear while I was at work and contacted me for feedback right after it.
    This feedback session was incredible. He send me a lot of screenshot of gear that i never can use an also of pieces that are good.
    He also talked with me about synergie Sets-Bonuses to Substats and also about synergie between Mainstats and Substats to optimize Offense/Defense Ways of builds.

    All in All :
    – More than half of my gear is cleansed
    – 50Mil Silver plus
    – Just an awesome an knowledged guy
    – ABSOLUT recommendation
    Thanks Ron 🙂

  58. PNut (verified owner)

    Sophia did an awesome job. Paid for another cleanse because I was getting cluttered and wanted some direction. I requested she be harsh as I want to push my account along and shed the gear that can’t cut it. Now I’ve got tons of room, tons of silver, and more importantly, a more clear direction. The entire staff is fast, professional, and very helpful, even giving advice beyond the work that was required.

  59. StreamRobber (verified owner)

    Just wanted to Rave about the Job Rondolebron did for my account. Cleansed my gear and talked me thru any question I had for him. I certainly wanted to reach out to HH and tell him what a professional Service you have. I wished the Plarium team would take notes and give proper feed back when you try and contact them. The raid optimiser tool was the difference for me to stay playing this game. Thank you so much for a Job well done. Anyone that skeptical of using this service,.. well you cant find much better then here. Thanks guys

  60. SlightofHand (verified owner)

    Just wanted to give Rondolebron a big thumbs up. Cleansed my gear and talked me thru any question I had for him. He was very flexible when setting up the one to one training session and have to say he was very savy and put me in the right direction. Will definitely be using him again. 5star service

  61. .NonnahS. (verified owner)

    I brought a gear basic cleanse and was lucky enough to have it done by Rondolebron. I couldnt be any more grateful for the work he did and tips and advise given. Rondolebron messaged me on discord to arrange when was best for me for him to log in my account. He spent a couple of hours going through my gear and sold over 1300s atifacts and accessories. Then took the time to send me pictures of examples of gear to invest in or sell. Id recommend this service and Rondolebron. His couple of hours saved me atleast a days works and now i have space for more gear and even the silver to roll my gear.

  62. jbrawdy16 (verified owner)

    I bought a gear cleanse yesterday and was contacted today by Elvo7. Elvo7 had asked when would be a good time to do it and it was set up for a few hours after I had been contacted. I told Elvo7 how I just recently gotten Lydia and would like to push my account to the next level and was wanting him to be kind of brutal with it. Elvo7 cleared out over half my gear and accessories that I for some reason couldn’t seem to let go. I had just a few questions after the fact and was advised how I should progress my gear selection. Elvo7 was very professional and also advised that I should level up the gear a bit higher to get a better gear cleanse in the future if I so wished. I would recommend this service to anyone that is like me and is also thinking “well maybe this could be used somewhere.” Elvo7 also gave me tips on what to be looking for and what to keep in the future. The service Elvo7 has done for me has been great help to my progression and was done 10x faster than I would have been able to do it. Thank y’all so much for everything y’all do to help the community.

  63. Ianmance (verified owner)

    My account had accumulated so much gear as I wasn’t sure what to sell or keep. I bought the basic gear cleanse & Rondolebron got in touch via Discord to arrange a time. He finished it in a couple of hours, then explaining what he’d done and giving me some advice. I can recommend

  64. Nusband (verified owner)

    I bought a dragon team regear, and got help to go from dragon 15 all the way to dragon 22. Gave me advice on how to continue further.

  65. marcusmo (verified owner)

    Purchased a Gear Cleanse and was contacted by Elvo7 in a short few hours. My artifact storage was maxed out with a piling overspill in the inbox. I had a hoarding issue as I did not know what to bin even though I rolled most of my gear up to 8. Elvo7 cleared out half my gear and further advised me on stats/substats to look out for in future. I am positive that many alike will benefit from this service or rather, imo an investment which has helped me understand more about gearing and will save me many hours going forward. Thank you Elvo7 and keep up the good work for the community!

  66. thedominium (verified owner)

    Just had an Arena gear takeover done by Rondolebron. Excellent service, great communication and very happy with the outcome. Massive thanks. Will be doing more.

  67. kb111570 (verified owner)

    Well worth the money. Rondolebron cleansed about 1300 pieces of crap gear that I couldn’t get rid of. Feels great having all that room and now I can try re-gearing with better pieces and progress my account. Thanks again!

  68. SatelliteJedi (verified owner)

    Rondolebron is a fucking beast! Super attentive and gave a ridiculous amount of feedback with screen shots and guidance. This guy wrote paragraphs of text to help me do this myself next time (although I probably won’t because I’m too lazy) 10/10 would purchase service again

  69. Cellius (verified owner)

    Got quickly contacted by Elvo7 for a gear cleanse. He did a great work and was available for any questions. I strongly recommand this Service!

  70. LilRiceLive (verified owner)

    Rondolebron was awesome the info and insight into what areas I need to focus on, on my account. definitely came away from the coaching with alot more direction and knowledge. 10/10 would recommend

  71. safiremusty (verified owner)


    Today I had my “General account assessment/coaching” with Cold Brew.
    The communication with him was great and very professional. He is a great guy and we first discussed what I believe I need help with and then he proceeded to discuss my initial points (the main dungeons progression) and helped me understand how I can progress and then we went through a few more things that he pointed out would be very important for me to try and progress with. We also discussed about gear and gearing overall and I got a better understanding over that as well.
    I really appreciate and I wanna thank him for giving me a direction on how I can better progress with my account.

  72. imajgamerr (verified owner)

    I got a gear cleanse which was completed by Elvo7 can’t fault it I gained an extra 40+ mil silver and tips on were I was going wrong on hoarding my gear was show some standout pieces and what’s best too look out for. Timing was fast all completed with 24h of my order. Was very accommodating with any questions I had and give me a brief on which way I should now pursue my account.

  73. Vyel (verified owner)

    I worked with Rondolebron. He’s awesome. So’ far I’ve had to build up the Arena team he suggested and it was vast improvement to where I was. I’m currently working on the rest of the setups he suggested can’t wait to see how they all pan out.

  74. Tasemysauce (verified owner)

    Worked with Rondolebron. Great service! Rondolebron gave me great pointers on how to improve my account and assisted in multiple areas of the game. Definitely recommend getting this done no matter how far you are in the game.

  75. kosei (verified owner)

    Worked with Cold Brew for an account takeover, full regear, and coaching. He was super helpful and gave me tons of tips for what to do next, how to think about gearing my team, and where to focus my time and energy. Better than I could have hoped for and I really appreciated the time and effort put into it. He also regeared my FK team to get me down to a consistent successful team. Thanks Cold Brew!

  76. Heartbeat1 (verified owner)

    Hey, i bought the Gear Cleanse from Rondolebron. He does a perfect job and give me manny advices which gear i should hold and stuff.
    Perfect Work!

  77. Fenix_canuk (verified owner)

    I am an endgame player with most of the champs ( no vizier or no semar gemcursed) I was stuck so bad on bommel 90 hard. Cold Brew jumped onto my account and cleared the boss. The man is a champ! It took nearly 5 hours, but he got the job done. 10/5 amazing and well worth it!

  78. tg821 (verified owner)

    I bought a gear cleanse and am very pleased. I was contacted quickly by Elvo7. He explained the process and got to it right away. I was always bumping up around 1,000 pieces and after his work I was down to 500. Same story with the accessories. At the end he offered some tips and ideas for keeping/selling/rolling gear. All good and I was very happy. Well worth it! I definitely recommend this service.

  79. kaboommaster (verified owner)

    Bought a CB regear to get 2 keys unkill /Ultranightmare …So Neva did just amazing work…hitting about 92mio in unm for sure with 2 keys .I had actually not the easiest acc , so that was the real headache for Neva , as i saw he spendt many hours to build it up .So – at the same time ,to build up unkill , he maxxed out some of my heroes , i was not sure about i should do…Pheww, just wonderful .Only thing i would say , be aware – if overtake says that You need 35mio of silver , just make sure You have 40 at least , to make sure , you will get the best out of that .I had 43 mio , and got 3,5 mio left .Its NOT complaint , just advice to others – i wasnt aware that my acc is in such a bad condition , so as a final result – i was happy that i had some extra silver , so Neva could make a DreamTeam.Kabooooommm to all of You , Friends:D

  80. Iskand4r (verified owner)

    Got an advanced gear cleanse/coaching from Rondolebron. He got rid of about 900 pieces of gear and 500 artifacts. He also spent a lot of time with me telling me what to roll, and how to look out for great gear in the future. He looked at my teams, and advised me who I should max next. The guidance was very helpful. Will definitely recommend.

  81. kaboommaster (verified owner)

    Gear cleanse Elvo7 – quickly and well done . As i saw , i am not totally hopeless – after cleanse got 400+ artifacts left in stock;D..og now i do have extra 45 mio silver..:D
    Thx once again , Team!

  82. TCold (verified owner)

    Gear cleanse done by Rondolebron was done fantastically. Left me with 350 artifacts after purging around 1000 of them with 400 or so accesories on the top. Putting me up to 90mil silver to play with. Absolutely fantastic!

  83. Feynman314 (verified owner)

    Got a gear cleanse from Elvo. I filled my gear, like 250 in the inbox, and over 900 accessories. That guy sold almost 1200 pieces in like 2 hours and I am not finding any junk left over. Also magically gained 65 million silver. Pretty gosh darn happy seeing someone else doing something about my artifact problem. Would totally recommend if you’re too lazy and/or paranoid about selling gear.

  84. TwoWayPettingZoo (verified owner)

    I purchased both Arena and CB. My arena team turned out great! However, my CB was quite sad. I ended up spending a lot more money than I was hoping for. Built-up 5 champions (Fully maxed with books, scrolls, 6*, lvl 60, full ascension) Took over 40m Silver in Arti upgrades, 300 drag 25 runs, over 500 Spider 25 runs to get more decent artifacts. And my NM CB damage only went up by 9m with an entirely new team. (So, still a 2 key NM. Was hoping for 1 key, with a 3 key UNM. But that’s not possible.) So, wishing I hadn’t spent the money here for Clan Boss. Which also netted me a lot more expenses in-game.

    • Phixion

      Hey there! Glad the Arena takeover went well but I am sorry to hear that you were not completely satisfied with your Clan Boss takeover. Obviously, every account is different and the RNG of upgrades you managed to farm on your account will have had an impact. I will contact you via email and see if there is something we can do to help you improve it. Thank you very much for the feedback though! All the best.

  85. Mazu (verified owner)

    Highly recommend #Neva . I received a great service for coaching. For those who need clarity and focus on all key areas of the game pls engage with #Neva. You won’t regret.
    Cheers to Hades #Team
    Will engage again when ever I need more coaching.

  86. TerryLu (verified owner)

    A few days ago, I purchased advanced gear cleanse. Elvo did it for me. He is quite thoughtful. He was about to work on but notice that there was a artifacts event next day. Then he contacted me to check out if I wanted to work on with the event. He also waited for an hour for letting me doing the 100 auto-farms. After finished, he provide a nice guideline with how to judge suitable gears for my account. Cleansing gears is very annoyed to me, with that guideline is helpful. He did a good job. Appreciated.

  87. victorleeking (verified owner)

    Cold brew reached out to me regarding spider take over, he did wonderful job and help me build a team which can take spider 25 in 40 secs. Really great job will definitely engage again if i need any help with team set up.

  88. RexTheSlayer (verified owner)

    Elvo7 Came into my account for a Basic gear cleanse, trashed about 900 Items and 3-400 accessories giving me 60 million more gold to work with. After finishing my cleanse Elvo stuck around and asked me if I needed help with anything else. Elvo then went above and beyond to give me tips for my arena team and who I should 6 star next to ensure I finish my Arbiter missions. 10/10 recommend.

  89. Valis (verified owner)

    I needed help with CB. Rondolebron contacted me very quickly & we arranged a suitable date/time. Rondolebron spent a lot of time & effort to do a great job rebuilding my NM & UNM teams.

  90. Sustainer (verified owner)

    Elvo7 did an amazing job on my full account artifact cleanse and gear roll. Went from 40mil to 120mil back down to 40mil and now I have a bunch of great gear to work with. Such a headache off of my shoulders. Thank you guys!

  91. kaboommaster (verified owner)

    Got a good arena team , Neva again..:) Do not need to click nonstop more , to find weak opponents…but its really fun – in gold4 , my best is 21 wins in row now(without choosing) – and to the next i lost 14 battles in row ;DD . I am happy with that – well done .And one more thing – Neva has built my CB and Arena teams – so with the help of these heroes i made a huge jump also in Doom Tower . My PB before was 79 in normal , now passed 120 normal and 61 hard….

  92. PNut (verified owner)

    Third time using these services. I handed elvo 200m silver and a mess of artifacts and was handed back 30m silver and a whole bunch of actually useable artifacts. It was a ton of work. He went above and beyond what many might be considered the minimum to call it a job done. Very happy with my gear roll and cleanse service.

  93. meowcore (verified owner)

    Elvo7 was amazing, did a gear clense on the account and then took me through several other things and helped me out not just with how the gear should be cleansed but with my FK team and other parts in game.

    pretty great service as I not only got my gear cleansed, but pretty good tips on how I should go about it myself, on top of that great tips in other parts of the game

    10/10 would recommend

  94. jbrawdy16 (verified owner)

    Elvo7 is the man! Ordered a basic gear cleanse where I already had all my gear level 8+ to include accessories. However I’ve kept bad habits throughout the game of not leveling gear when I get it some what just to see what it rolls so I had a big monster of a mess going on. 1270 artifacts and 800 accessories. He came in and got rid of half my artifacts and about a quarter of my accessories. I now know better on what I should be doing when I get gear that I think will be decent. He was willing to answer any and all questions I might of had. This service was so helpful to me and gives me a clearer head when it comes to gear I should be keeping. I cannot thank him enough for the time he spent going through the mess I created!!! Anyone that may be on the fence of even getting a gear cleanse, let me tell you, it is very much worth it to get it.

  95. Erudis (verified owner)

    I worked with Coldbrew on a 3v3 takeover. I needed silver 4 to complete my missions and he immediately responded on discord. He started the next day, a Sunday, so I could make silver 4 arena the next day. What an awesome guy! He set me up what I needed and right away I was able to beat teams that used to crush me. He knows exactly how to meet your needs. He will give you advice on how to use those teams as well, so your not left trying to figure out what team is used for what. I think most of the reviews here tell the story. Thanks Coldbrew!

  96. whiten1mba (verified owner)

    I worked with Rondolebron on an advanced gear cleansing. Im somewhere around late to end game and i have full inventories of gear i just couldnt decide on what to keep or to get rid of. It was a two stage process, he went threw my artifacts first then my accessories, all while i was offline, so it wasnt even an inconvenience. I ended up with a little over 400 artifacts, and about 500 accessories, all of which are just godly gear XD I also ended up with around 70mill silver. After it was done, he gave me an overview of what i had, what he had gotten rid of, and what to keep an eye out for. I Highly recommend.

  97. gunnie_gugu (verified owner)

    I purchased a 3v3 Tag Team Arena regear and really didn’t know what to expect. I have been floating in G3 without much of a shot at G4 due to my team defenses. They were just too easy to take down at that level of competition. Sophia took on the challenge of getting me to where I wanted to be. She spent DAYS (literally days) and hours rolling gear, building champs, selling gear, rolling more gear and finally building 3 teams that were 1000% better than what I had set up. Sophia not only set up my defensive teams she also set me up with multiple champs for offensive teams as well. She got my Siphi to 372 speed! Some amazing rolls made that happen. Now I’m not only going to be able to get into G4 3v3 but thanks to her builds I may actually be able to finish in Plat arena for the first time. She also left me extremely detailed notes on how to further improve upon what she already built and what teams to use in varying situations. This was WELL worth the cost and I give Sophia a 10/10. If I do purchase more takeovers in the future I will be asking for her specifically! Thank you so much!

  98. Scubasam10 (verified owner)

    ColdBrew did an awesome job setting up my clan boss team! ColdBrew increased my overall damage by 40 million! Not only was ColdBrew fast and friendly he even took the time to answer some basic questions I had and gave advice. I will absolutely use HellHades takeover service again and will request for ColdBrew to help me improve every area of my account. Thank you HellHades Team!

  99. Nitrofish78 (verified owner)

    Rondolebron took over my account for a gear cleanse and then for a Clan Boss team. Very fast to reach out and schedule a time that worked for both of us. Set me up for a 150 Mil Clan Boss team and 160k silver after the cleanse. Gave a bunch of helpful feedback after all was said and done too! Couldn’t be more happy with the results!! Would highly recommend if you’re looking take your game to the next level.

  100. Wallace Carpenter (verified owner)

    Completed a coaching session with Coldbrew. He did a great job explaining what my best teams are to use and what I should be concentrating on to move forward in the game. Answered all my questions and gave me great advise on what to do to be successful in the game. Highly recommended.

  101. Darkstream69 (verified owner)

    Cold Brew just finished my Takeover. He was able to triple my Clan Boss damage so that I can almost 1-key UNM and with some farming of gear, I should be able to 1-key it shortly. He also worked my Classic Arena team and I am now farming G4 for metals with no problem. He worked my 3 V 3 teams and I am now working my way up the ranks. Finally, he was very helpful and explained everything he did. He is amazing and I would greatly recommend this service to anyone who wants to improve their game.

  102. djducote (verified owner)

    Rondolebron Just finished my gear cleanse and did an amazing job. so much free space and nearly 100M in silver. He also took the time to show me screenshots of examples of gear he kept or trashed with explanations of why. 10/10 would recommendl.

  103. C-Berry3000 (verified owner)

    I was hitting for about 15mil void UNM CB.
    Cold Brew quickly built me a very nearly 1-key, affinity-friendly UNM team.
    The team has spirit affinity caveats, but he clearly explained the strategy for compensation.
    I genuinely couldn’t be happier with the service.

  104. Dskyy (verified owner)

    This is a review for RondoLebron on a recent FK takeover!

    I was struggling to get a team to do 20 both consistently and without it taking nearly 8 mins. He cut my run down to just about 2 minutes and most importantly, super consistent! He was then able to take the same team all the way up to unlocking 24, which unfortunately was a bad affinity. He gave me some general account advice, as well as advice on what I can work towards to getting 24 down as he believes 25 is do-able with the previous team he was using. He otherwise was prompt, polite, and very communicative. Would recommend him for any takeover! Thanks, Rondo, and the HH team.

  105. chewbot (verified owner)

    I got sophia for mine, and Holy crap did she put in a ton of work. She did a clan boss team for every affinity and they rock. Highly recommend.

  106. Ozamzen (verified owner)

    Neva just worked on my teams and they are definite improvements! Great work!

  107. Anchy (verified owner)

    I worked with Neva, such a low-key & calm fellow, really took his time with me, and answered questions i had about the whole takeover before even making the ordered, and actually gave me tips, so i could get it ready for when the order was put it.

    Absolutly amazing service! i can recommend Neva any day! amazing customer service!

    My account was quite new, only 120 days in, and already 1 keying NM, likely 2-3 keying UNM. so Neva struggled abit with my gear, since i haven´t had the chance to farm “awesome” gear yet. but he did very well with what limited stuff he had! 10/10 from me!

  108. GeeXD125 (verified owner)

    Shout out to COLDBREW for the awesome job he did with my take over. I honestly could not be happier. Went with gear cleanse and asked for someone to assess the account to see if taking my CB team from 2 key NM to 2 key UNM would be possible. Coldbrew took a little extra time after doing the gear cleanse to check out the account and deemed he thought it would be possible to achieve what i wanted. I went ahead and ordered the CB take over right after the cleanse and requested COLDBREW again and he did an amazing job. Went from doing maybe max 10m on one key in UNM to doing 2 keys on any affinity. OVERALL good job. I would recommend this service to anyone struggling with certain content. Will most likely be back for another gear cleanse in the future too. Thanks again COLDBREW and the hellhades team!

  109. clat99 (verified owner)

    Shout out to that amazing guy Skratch AK47he did an amzing advanced gear clease within the same day of starting and added in tips for me to make my account better. his knowledge to the game is crazy and Hell hades is a lucky guy to have him on the team. I wish they had a button to request a takeover from someone specific because his work was just that good and i would wait till he is able to do it within a week if possible . if any one is wondering should they get the takeover done just do it like Nike they will lead you to the best path you request with a smile on their face. thankyou guys for what you all do for the comunity100.

    • Phixion

      You are welcome to request a takeover from a specific coach in the notes – if they are busy you may have to wait for it though 🙂

  110. Mattaius23 (verified owner)

    Scratch took my low spend account with average gear from a 3key NM Clan Boss to a 4 Key (killable) UNM Clan Boss. He put a bunch of time into getting it spot on and i was super impressed with his knowledge and the effort put in. Now I’m focusing on some good gear to push it to a 3 key UNM. 10/10 and I’ll be back for some further coaching and asking for Skratch in the future too.

  111. jackdahl1 (verified owner)

    Cold Brew just made me a 2-key ultra nightmare team 🙂 And still room for extra damage 🙂 Great fast service 😛

  112. Magnelien (verified owner)

    Elvo7 did my gear cleanse, great person with good attitude.
    Managed to rake in a whopping 78 mill silver for me and shrink my gear by half.
    Recommend this service.

  113. gunnie_gugu (verified owner)

    Had Cold Brew do a DT Hard Bommal 90 takeover for me. I couldn’t get past this during the first rotation and was having the same issue this time. Cold Brew took over for a few hours and gave me back my account with, not only, Bommal defeated but he also gave me a Fully AUTO team! Unreal! I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

  114. grega98292 (verified owner)

    Hello! Coldbrew just finished my cleanse and other services. I receive a great report in the form of a PDF with ideas for clan boss teams, as well as what gear to focus. And the review for Dark Fae will be tested tonight!

    Highly recommend Coldbrew’s help to anyone considering the spend for them!

    Thanks very much!


  115. AslanKalbi (verified owner)

    Elvo7 did an amazing job on my gear cleanse. Would absolutely recommend this service to anyone. Also gave me some tips on what to keep in the future.

  116. Railgun (verified owner)

    Thank you Skratch with Clan Boss team improvement and gear cleanse – 5-star job!

  117. chewbot (verified owner)

    Cold Brew setup a FK 25 team for me that knocks it out easy. It was done fast af too. Highly recommend!

  118. bprescot (verified owner)

    Rondolebron went through my account and helped with a SEVERELY brutal gear cleanse, reinforcing with detailed notes and examples how if a gear won’t improve an existing champ or help another champ be as good or better than an existing champ’s gearing, it needs to go in the bin. 800+ gear and 600+ accessories. Need help being brutal to gear that you can’t bring yourself to bin? These guys will set you straight with advice tailored to the stage of your account.

  119. Taizena (verified owner)

    Big thank you to Skratch AK47! The CB revamp took my UNM team from 3 sometimes 4 keys to a solid 2 key with room to improve gear. ON FULL AUTO!!
    Will recommend this service to anyone struggling, dont wait the year I did!

  120. LatroA (verified owner)

    Ordered a gear cleanse – work was done less than 24 hours of when I ordered, liberated a ton of silver than was being wasted in unnecessary assets, and made it much more clear where I should be focusing my efforts. Great work!

  121. Pedro241 (verified owner)

    Rondolebron big shout out to this man he’s helped me a ton on understanding many aspects of the game and what i should be doing thanks m8.

  122. TessaVondien (verified owner)

    Hey guys…thank you so much for the help. I’m now two keying CB. I was really struggling with making my team work. Scratch did a GREAT job and made me realize I wasn’t using the right champs at all….LOL
    It is such a relief to be able to feel like I’m truly adding to my Clans CB team instead of just piddling by.
    The work was superb. The service was friendly and fast. The advice and tips are why I am a loyal Hell Hades fan and will continue to watch the vids and come back.
    Thanks again Skratch and Hell Hades!
    Tessa VonDien

  123. ReallyOldGuy (verified owner)

    I was ready to give up the game. I reached a point where playing the game had become a chore. I felt that if I could not progress, I should give up the game. As a last step before giving up I decided to try the Hell Hades takeover. The process was simple and easy and worth every penny. I feel I have new insights into the game. It now is fun again.
    Skratch did a great job. I cannot thank Skratch and Hell Hades enough!!!

  124. victorleeking (verified owner)

    Sophia did amazing job for my CB, FK and Dragon team ! Now my CB team move from 30MM per key to around 55 per key and i can farm dragon 25 without any issue now. For FK since i don’t have lydia so it’s little unstable for 25 now but she gives me the guide for the next step.

    Definitely very professional and helpful!

  125. spaceghost (verified owner)

    big thanks to the team on helping with the gear cleanse, i now have a healthy silver balance and only have the gear that is actually worth rolling up. Defenitely worth the investment and will look to us some of the other services in the near future. If you are struggling with knowing what gear to keep and what to sell then this service is a must.

  126. Frodicule (verified owner)

    Cold Brew did my CB takeover he improved my CB team by a lot, definitely helpful. He answered all of my follow up questions concisely as well highly recommend.

  127. Kaitsu (verified owner)

    Purchased a take over on the 3v3 Tag Team Arena. Before the take over, i really did not like the tag team arena at all and I was having an adventure somewhere between silver II and Silver III. Now i am on my way from gold 2 to gold 3 (remains to be seen can i still go further to Gold IV). Skratch helped me with the team and gave excellent instructions on gear and setup for the teams.

    Might be that you need more silver than stated in the purchase (50 M). I did, quite a lot more.

    6/5 for the excellent service. I can highly recommend the take overs.

  128. implicitopt (verified owner)

    Solid, professional, thorough gear cleanse handled nice and quickly.

  129. Mattastick (verified owner)

    I purchased a gear cleanse, and Elvo was on it within a day. I went from ~7 million silver to 83 million (amazing), ~1600 pieces of gear to just under 1100 (had a ton in my inbox from fusion farming), and 700 accessories to ~500. I’m pretty solidly late game, but my gear had just gotten out of control, and I was overwhelmed. Elvo took care of that, removing the gear that I didn’t need (TONS of good gear in bad sets, lots of still mid game gear that wasn’t up to snuff for my current place in the game) and leaving me with plenty of not only gear to roll up, but also the knowledge and information I needed to keep the gear I did (and will) need, and keep my account cleaner than it was going forward.

  130. ForestSprout (verified owner)

    I worked with Rondolebron to finish Level 21 Knights Rev after having failed to finish for multiple weeks. My account was quickly assessed and a strategy was determined. After a little prep on my part, and the implementation of the strategy on his, Level 21 was finished with 3*s and Lydia has joined the team! I highly recommend the service!

  131. Ludovician (verified owner)

    Honestly, time is money. I have a lot of good champions and gear, but I haven’t got the understanding of this game that these guys have. The prospect of spending endless hours experimenting and making mistakes in a game that limits your freedom to do so by making silver a huge issue when it comes to re-gearing was super de-motivating to me. Opting for the high-quality guidance for a little bit of $$ probably saved me a lot of time and headaches in the long run. You get pointed in the right direction and then still get to carry it out and learn from the logic behind their decisions. They offered continued support as well, which is pretty huge at the price point and shows they stand by their advice and won’t hide from the results once you work on it. These guys really are trying to be helpful here. I’m looking forward to seeing how this impacts my confidence in arena now too, seeing as I was misusing one of my best champions until I spoke with Elvo7. Thanks again!

  132. high_life707 (verified owner)

    Got a gear cleanse. It was fast and professional, and i also got information to help on gear i should keep or bin. Elvo7 did a great job. Thanks!

  133. ForestSprout (verified owner)

    We all know that playing Raid eats time. And, it is challenging to figure out all the strategies on your own while making the progress and clan contributions that you want to make. I selected a Clan Boss takeover to reassess my account after gaining champions for a year, and to set a strategy for the team that can take me into the future. I watched many CB videos and wasn’t sure which direction would be best for my account. I worked with Rondolebron and he created a next-gen team that can 2-key UNM (when I started it was usually a 4-key team) and goes more than 50 rounds when I previously struggled to get 30. More importantly, I understand how to use new equipment and and a couple of key champions to increase damage going forward. It’s a new year and I am happy that I started it with an account health check. I’d rename the service from “Takeover” to “Account Boost” and I’ll be using it again to get the most out of my game time.

  134. BlazedAssassin (verified owner)

    Rondolebron is Amazing. He contacted me to schedule a time for the cleanse and asked a few questions about what I am looking for and where I am at in the game. He was on-time and did a fantastic job of getting rid of all the junk I had saved up. Not only was my gear inventory maxed at 1300, I also had about 300 items in the overflow mail and close to 1200 accessories. I now only have good gear on my account, more silver than I have ever had before, and a better understanding of what good gear really is. The notes with examples that I received from him is top-notch and extremely helpful for me to make sure that I am doing a better job of filtering good/bad gear. I am very impressed and highly satisfied with the service that I got. Thank you for Everything!

  135. Bluedog21 (verified owner)

    Just had Skratch do a ultra nightmare team for me and a gold 4 arena team for me , and couldnt be happier. I dont understand the meta thing like these guys do , i just like playing the game. It was worth every penny. thank you guys so very much.

  136. Zzullogg (verified owner)

    Rondolebron made my CB team affinity friendly and a easy 1 Key on UNM & NM. Messaged me in advance to plan the takeover and was doing the work as said and planned.
    Proffesional at what he does. I was kind of skeptic beforehand but I’m glad I did. Thanks allot! 5 star review for a job well done.

  137. Saguatuck (verified owner)

    Coldbrew Gaming did my gear cleanse, clanboss and arena team reworks.

    He was a top notch guy to work with. He went above and beyond what I paid for with my account.

    Even after my order was complete and I personally messed up my account, he helped me fix it.

    I’ll def be buying a couple more takeovers once I have the silver saved.


  138. Caractus (verified owner)

    I bought a gearcleanse and Rondolebron came to help me.

    I’m not lying when i say that this person has helped me more then i could ever imagine.
    The gearcleanse was done in a rocket speed and after the cleanse was done he helped me answer tons of questions.

    After the cleanse (and becouse it was done so fast) he even helped me with some suggestions of teams for dragon and spider and also did rework of a champion. I feel like i got EXACTLY what i ordered and even tons above that. So i will not hesitate to order again and hopefully Rondolebron Will be there and help me out becouse this was top notch service!

    And for all the players out there, be aware, i am now 10 times stronger then before 😉 good luck <3

  139. chlordiazepoxide (verified owner)

    I got the ‘General account assessment/coaching’ service and I absolutely have to say it: Elvo7 is THE man. Came pretty close to banging my head against the wall every time my woeful dungeon teams died at r1 or r2, let alone the boss.

    The advice given by elvo7 was clear and concise and came with a side of laughs to be had. For people like me, the advice given by elvo7 and his team in this takeover service thing is going to be the best thing they get, far better than a superh4x ub3rp4wn4g3 Jintoro or a sneak Dracomorph. It focuses you on what you have and and what you can do to make it work, rather than what you don’t. That in itself is going to save a lot of time and money and heartache.

    Timing of the takeover could have proven to be tricky considering my timezone (GMT8), but it was done with minimal hassle. Now I’m off to do my homework given by Elvo7-sensei and ride off into the Telerian sunset.

    • HellHades

      thanks for the awesome feedback!

  140. Pistolepete48 (verified owner)

    Hi, hatte das Glück einen deutschsprachigen Coach zu bekommen – Rondolebron – bin sehr mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden.
    Gut investiertes Geld (anstatt shards)!
    lg Peter

    Everything perfekt as mentioned! Anytime again!
    Thx for the support
    gtx Peter

  141. chewbot (verified owner)

    Sophia was great as always!

  142. grega98292 (verified owner)

    Once again Coldbrew was an outstanding help! Helped with my FW issues and later I’m going to ask for his help on my arena team!

  143. the_diamant (verified owner)

    Great job as always. Even went beyond what the service was and did my accessories as well as the artifacts.

  144. Reinhold (verified owner)

    Rondolebron performed a gear cleanse for my first ever request of the Takeover services. He was great and was patient with my questions. He cleared out a ton of gear, and gave me some good examples of what to look for in the future when doing it myself. Well worth the cost to get his help! Thanks for providing a great service.

  145. OutlawMonkey (verified owner)

    Hi Guys, OutlawMonkeyGaming here.

    i got a gear cleanse from and they where as brutal as i wanted them to be :D.
    Half of my gear i keept was not good for my level, but i thought maybe i could use it later and so my artifacts where always full.
    They sorted out the good gear i should use and keep and sold the rest. That not just made me 35mil. silver, but also made enough room to farm for new good gear.

    Special thanks to Elvo7 who did a very good and fast job 🙂

  146. Lisarwen (verified owner)

    Cold Brew fixed my UNM CB unkillable Bateater w/Draco team to 1 key AND run on auto! All in under one hour!! Additionally, Cold Brew was uber professional and patient with me and all my inane questions. Final note – Give Cold Brew a raise.

  147. grega98292 (verified owner)

    So because I thought Cold Brew was on vacation, I selected Sophia as the advisor for my latest takeover order. Let me tell you she far exceeded my expectations! Not only did she create a great team for arena, but she basically built a spider team that kills off spider 25 in about 50 seconds!

    She also had great advice for me in general with regard to building champs, which gear to keep, building on what I learned from Cold Brew.

    Sophia is a gem. Great insights, great knowledge and shares both so easily. I cannot express how much I appreciated her work.

    Thank you Sophia! You have transformed my experience of the game immeasurably!

  148. Crabe (verified owner)

    I requested a gear cleanse and a Clan Boss regear the next morning Cold brew had contacted me on Discord, in no time at all he had completed the work and I had a Clan Boss team that 2 key UNM,1 key NM and Brutal, full auto! Thank you so much for the fast service and great work very happy with everything!!….THANKS Cold Brew!!!

  149. bigfootxxxl (verified owner)

    I was stuck at LVL 19 of Dungeon Dragon.
    RONDOLEBRON did a takeover and now I can hit lvl 24 most of the time.
    He was able to modify my team even though I had mediocre champions and Artifacts for him to work with.
    I would absolutely do business with RhondoLebron and HH Again !!!!!

  150. Vhampire (verified owner)

    I bought a Clan team rebuild. Rondolebron was very professional. He communicated well. He told me when he was going to start and finish and he did just that. B4 him my UNMCB team did 14mil damage. After he took over it was 44mil!!! I am very happy. Afterwards, he took a long time to show me how to even make the team better. Detailing it step by step. Thank you for your help! I will be back again.

  151. delflorentino (verified owner)

    It was my first time purchasing a service from and I got a gear cleanse. Skratch did a great job and helped me understand that I needed to let go of 5stars unless they were really good. He answers lots of questions for me and I even got tips from the boss for my arena teams.
    I usually don’t like spending money on this game but do it from time to time and this was money well spent. Thanks for the 70K silver Skratch!
    Now I just need to keep his logic to filter my gear.

  152. PuraZell (verified owner)

    Skratch bester Mann!! <33

  153. grega98292 (verified owner)

    Once again Cold Brew comes through! I needed account help and he repaired a mistake I make in my set up for a doom tower team. In fact, it is better than it was before!

    Thank Cold Brew!

  154. Mulchbagger (verified owner)

    Had a coaching session with Elvo, gave some great advice on gear, champions, arena, fire Knight, arena and clan boss. Answered any questions I had, great service and will use again.

  155. Ninjestic (verified owner)

    Evlo7 did my account coaching and it was awesome, I felt stuck and kinda just annoyed due to not having any idea which direction to go to. Now i have a mission and a way to get there

  156. TasteTheWine (verified owner)

    This was my first Takeover and it was GREAT! I’m not good at mid/max in games, and I struggled to understand how to speed tune any team I built for CB to put out enough damage, so I purchased the CB takeover. Sophia was assigned to me, and she did an Excellent job! Before the takeover I’d average 15M a key on UNCB. (5 key) I had 45K silver, but I knew takeovers go better with more, so I purchased a gear cleanse as well. Sophia got me to an easy 2 key UNM, and 1 key NM and Brutal. I’m eyeing the Area takeovers next!

  157. Epicsg (verified owner)

    Elvo7 Was super awesome to work with! They were very helpful with answering any questions I had about any area of the game. This was my first take over and I got far more than I could have expected. Probably will be back as my acount progresses!

  158. lordmarte (verified owner)

    Great Skratch! Thanks for your valuable coaching tips and many thanks for the unkillable team you created for CB.
    Always available for all my questions. I’ll be back to request your services soon.

  159. AslanKalbi (verified owner)

    Thank you Skratch for you help on my recent gear cleanse! Also thank you for the advice on what gear/accessories to keep in the future. Definitely recommend this service for anyone needing help on what gear to keep/sell. They also provide great services for other account progression.

  160. SMeadows (verified owner)

    Thanks Elvo7! Very helpful and worked with me around my time as well. I had been away for nearly 9 months and a lot has changed. I hoarded almost 600 champions and had a ton of garbage gear. He helped a ton with gear cleanse, team setups and even showed me which champs I could use for food. 600 was overwhelming! I definitely recommend any of these services they provide. They are very knowledgeable and friendly.

  161. William Wall (verified owner)

    To be honest was a little nervous having someone take over my account, but cold brew took the helm to work on my 3 vs 3 really happy with the results. Just watching what he did I learned so much. This guy is top notch and even answered all me silly questions while do the takeover. Top notch,
    promote, professional, give the guy a raise.

  162. AsmrJunkie (verified owner)

    So far been using the service for gear cleanses. I thought I was usually very tough on the gear I keep but I just keep amassing stuff I don’t use…
    Both people who helped me out so far were great, took time to give advice as well!

  163. Sliske (verified owner)

    I purchased the “General account assessment/coaching” service as I need some advice for 3v3, DT Hard and Spider 21-25 teams. Had a great session with Cold Brew going over team ideas and I learned a lot. I am very happy with the service, thank you very much once again.

  164. DoodleCakes (verified owner)

    Got a gear cleanse & roll service done from elvo7. It’s such a long, grueling process to cleanse and roll 1300 artifacts & 1300 accessories, I was dreading doing it myself. This is an awesome service to offer, as I just don’t have the time to do something like that in 1 sitting. Elvo was super nice, contacted me really quickly since an artifact enhancement event was up, and got me a couple triple rolls and quad rolls to boot!

  165. dreamcastzm (verified owner)

    I had Rondolebron help me with a deep cleanse of all artifacts and accessories. I had hundreds of items from farming and it would be a very tedious process for me to sort out everything. However, Rondo was extremely patient – he ran through everything including rolling gear up multiple levels and kept only the best ones (exactly as I instructed). What he left in my inventory are all top quality gear or high potential ones. After spending hours on my account, he further provided me with good advice on what types of gear to keep going forward. Overall I would rate Rondo as “far exceeded my expectation”. He was extremely professional, helpful and friendly. Will buy the service again.

  166. AG1shot (verified owner)

    Amazing service from Elvo7 great communication back an forth always kept me updated an worked with my time frame. Gear cleanup was awesome plenty of space an plenty of good gear to roll now.

  167. SlightofHand (verified owner)

    I had Rondo once again takeover my account and continued with what we had started on my last takeover and training event , helped me with a GoldV winning arena team…heading to Plat soon. As ever with Rondo first class support , very flexible with timing especially as we are in different time zones with 7 hours difference. Will be coming back for more Im sure DOOM Tower hard is still beating my every more !!

  168. lordmarte (verified owner)

    Many thanks to Cold Brew for the fantastic work on my account, now Siphi is perfect! Coaching was professional and he is always very helpful with all my questions. I’ll be back soon to ask for another service !

  169. iamjudd (verified owner)

    Rondo took hold of my account for some coaching and some ideas around different teams – he went through DeadwoodJedis CB spreadsheet and made it easy for me to understand! My dragon team looks pretty hench also! Next job is a gear cleanse and then I might go for the big one

  170. lordmarte (verified owner)

    Once again the Cold Brew service is perfect! This time I bought the arena team building and am very satisfied. Thank you very much!

  171. samhane155 (verified owner)

    cold brew did an amazing job at setting up and speed tuning my clan boss team was extremely professional would highly recommend

  172. fogocodi (verified owner)

    Skratch had great service and great tips on what gear i should keep.

  173. RED H4WK (verified owner)

    Got an advanced gear cleanse and coaching with Elvo7. My account was in terrible shape, specially gear wise, and now I feel like I know how to play the game! Not to mention that now I have a lot of good gear and lots of room!
    I got an outstanding service!

  174. Crashbone (verified owner)

    Purchased a gear cleanse with Elvo7. I had my inventory full and a few in the inbox but still not able to pass DT hard due to having too many medium-low gear selection. From 1300 each inbox got down to 700 in gear and 600 in accessories with most of them having high and above potential and got myself on high levels of Hard DT.
    Thank you for the service!

  175. biggoofy1 (verified owner)

    cold brew did an amazing job at setting up my clan boss team was extremely professional would highly recommend This guy is top notch and even answered all me silly questions

  176. Toxicity (verified owner)

    Iv had 2 gear clean out both done by Elvo7 100% great service every time if anyone think about it Elvo7 your man to do it thank again Elvo 👍👊

  177. jsyhski (verified owner)

    Cold Brew exceeded the spec, built an UNM clan boss and spider 25 team and great feedback on my account. Highly worth the value as compared to the amount of time and resources for me bumbling around trying to figure it out. Big boost and supercharge for my account.

  178. TsUltimatum (verified owner)

    Purchased a clan boss regear for ultra nightmare as i was 3 to 4 keying it but with COLD BREWS help hes got it to a easy 2key and also a 1key Nightmare cb so i couldnt be happier. Great service and very quick respnse and helped with all my questions. would easily recommend this service.

  179. MrGrylie (verified owner)

    i had Elvo do a Gear Cleanse on my account, as I struggle to find the time and be as ruthless as I would like. He was super professional and very helpful. He was able answer all my questions about gearing and I’d really recommend this service to anyone.

  180. Symplicity (verified owner)

    I purchased the coaching and Elvo came to the rescue. I was stuck on multiple dungeons and even in the arena. Elvo provided me with very informative guidance on how to get further in the game. Elvo went through all of my champions and picked out the most optimal teams at my current point in the game to get me 100% success in multiple different areas. Elvo’s help was a much needed and I will be a returning customer in the future.

  181. morgs107 (verified owner)

    I purchased an account coaching session and Rondolebron contacted me on discord a few days later. He pointed me in the right directions to be going, giving me advice about everything I asked about and more! Truly a pleasure to have the discord call with and acted completely professionally throughout. I am now loaded up with information ready to start the next stage of my Raid account. Will be returning to purchase a takeover or more in the future. 100% would reccomend this service to anyone and everyone! Thankyou again Rondolebron.

  182. Fenix_canuk (verified owner)

    Rondo jumped on my account for a gear cleans. I have a nearly 3 year old account and he did a greatjob not only selling off my gear, but coaching me with what I should keep, and what to look out for moving forward. This is the 2nd time Rondolebron has helped me out. Highly recomended,

  183. seanca (verified owner)

    I purchased the advanced gear cleanse service for my account. Elvo contacted me to arrange a time and explain the process. I had around 1600 pieces of armour which elvo was able to reduce to 650. Elvo then proceeded to roll a large number of items through to level 12. This was quite a lengthy exercise in itself. I would highly recommend this service. Thanks again Elvo

  184. bigfootxxxl (verified owner)

    WOW !
    RondoLebron is absolutely A Wizard Genius.
    Rondo increased my UNMCB by a factor of 23X. Yes 23 times previous UNMCB !
    Rondo is very Efficient, Professional and really delivers.
    Money well Spent.
    Thank You !

  185. Samael (verified owner)

    Elvo7 cleansed my gear and I’m very happy with the results. It was quick and professional job. I’ll be back for more in the future!

  186. Lisarwen (verified owner)

    Happy, happy, happy!!!! The service is fast, like lightening fast. To my genuine surprise and joy, ColdBrew helped me out again. About 6 months ago he tweak my CB team to perfection. This time his help was needed in the Doom Tower, and he kicked butt! This new team can successfully battle all the difficult top floors – on FULL AUTO! I don’t know if one could ever request who helps them, but if that day comes, I’d heartily and without reservation recommend ColdBrew. Professional, polite, and patient with my inane questions and comments, I cannot imagine a better person to do a takeover. In my mind, ColdBrew should be renamed PerfectBrew.
    – IrishLisa

  187. HalfaHQ (verified owner)

    Elvo7 did a great job with my gear, I was suffering from hoarding tons of artefacts and accessories… I went from 20s mil to 120s mil after the cleanse…
    I’m very happy with the results. Fast service and quick… I would highly recommend this service. Thanks again Elvo7

  188. bigfootxxxl (verified owner)

    Rondolebron did a great Gear Cleansed on both my artifacts and accessories.
    Highly recommend these services if you need a boost.

  189. norjoncal (verified owner)

    Scratch has performed two gear cleanses for me. It is always fast, and comprehensive. He always gives me some points on what gear to keep or trash going forward based on my current account gear level. Very helpful especially when having thousands of 6 star artifacts to go thru.

  190. lutherhuss (verified owner)

    just got another gear cleanse by the team done a great gob got rid of all the gear i hoard and will never use
    very happy with it

  191. Brian316 (verified owner)

    I purchased a gear cleanse w/ fast track and within 24 hours it was done and dusted. Cold Brew helped me out massively doing this for me and did a grand job not only clearing stuff out of the inventory but also stuff in the mailbox of which there were around 150+ pieces. Cold Brew also gave a list of handy tips to help me keep on top of what’s good and what’s not with gear in future which really impressed me as the job was done at this point. Always nice when someone goes that extra mile, definitely recommend

  192. Ugghhh (verified owner)

    Blocked up, having trouble moving, totally confused. Nope your game hasn’t caught COVID, its probably that your vault is jam packed full of “I’ll get to use that 1 day” items. 2 days prior to the last fusion I opted for drastic measures as I was trying to use super-raids with 4 spaces free in inbox, I needed a Gear Cleanse.. I contacted HH and they were great, a few hours later with the help of Fast-track I got a call from Raid superstar, Cold Brew, who it turns out is very good at cleansing an account but also a thoroughly good egg. After the service, my account was passed back to me and, ahhhhh, just like taking your work boots off after a long day at work, or stilettoes I assume, I was able to play again and all signs of in-box flu had passed and a little bonus of 100m silver in the bank ready to be wasted on the next bunch of doh upgrade rolls. More than happy to use account colonic irrigation again in the future as, like grabbing an uber-champ, it is indeed a game changer. Thanks CB, HH & team ^^

  193. blackbisket (verified owner)

    Quickly after I purchased an advanced gear cleans and Clan Boss rework, Rondolebron contacted me to set-up a plan of action . My account was a mess in terms of the amount of gear on it but he made quick work of not only selling off my junk, but showing me what I should be looking out for moving forward. He also was able the create a sweet UNM team that was different and has the potential to be a one key team. Overall the experience was smooth and left me with a greater level of knowledge on both subjects. Highly recommended is you want to up your game!

  194. Valis (verified owner)

    A great effort by Rondolebron who did a great job & was very easy to deal with.

  195. Seitcho (verified owner)

    I purchased a Gear cleanse. Everything went smooth and quickly. Also got some tips to help me in the future. Nice service can recommend 😀

  196. idrcwmui (verified owner)

    i just did the general account coaching just to get some direction because lately the game has felt a little overwhelming as far as trying to build champions goes and cold brew hopped on a discord call with me and did exactly that he let me know what the next step to advancing is and things i should be on the lookout for as well as what gear to keep he was super nice and explained everything in a polite way no matter how stupid the question may have been will definitely be a returning customer as far as takeovers go, very helpful and not a bad thing to say about it

  197. Dmodness (verified owner)

    I have been using Rondo since lvl30 and I am almost 100 now. Since the first take over I have been blowing through the content with no issues. He keeps everything Barney style and professional. He is very patient and knowledgeable and goes beyond of what is asked of him. I’m very happy with the results, fast service and quick turn around time… 10 out 10, would highly recommend!!!

  198. darthmist (verified owner)

    Today, I had the chance to work with ColdBrew on Clan boss he was able to help me out a lot because I kept getting confused when working it out and he was able to get me set up and because UNM was just destroying me and now with his help I am able to finally have no issues with it. He also told me what I would need to be on the lookout with my new clan boss team. Thank you this was excellent, and I will Definity be back in the future because there is still a lot I can learn. Thank you ColdBrew for the outstanding help.

  199. condog74 (verified owner)

    This service is amazing, I will be doing my coaching session tomorrow with Cold Brew, but he redid my clan boss team and when I say I am impressed, it is the understatement of the century. I signed up today for the service, Cold Brew contacted me right away in the discord and we were off. I ran a UNM this morning before the service and it was like four million, after he tuned and geared my team, I am now running sixty-five million on one key. Absolutely amazing. I am so impressed, I made sure to tell my clan mates right away. AMAZING, cannot wait to have our coaching session, which I am sure will be killer also. I highly recommend the service and Cold Brew all day every day and twice on Sunday. DO IT!!!!!

  200. Material (verified owner)

    Paid for the general account session and coaching the other day and even paid for fast track and still have heard nothing. Going to give 5 stars anyways because Hell Hades is the man.

    • Phixion

      Hey Material, the team has been trying to contact you – the Discord Details provided dont seem to be working – we have also emailed 3 days ago to the provided email. Please reach out to [email protected] or Phixion#7571 the team is ready and waiting to complete your order. Thank you for the 5* but we would rather earn it the right way hahah!

  201. MaxiKing66 (verified owner)

    Got myself a Gearcleanse since I hoarded too much. Did not order Fast Track, but it was still my turn within 48 hours. I pushed for 2 days later since I was not expecting it to be this soon and he was very understanding, polite and with good insight. He sorted out a good chunk of my Storage. I will try to be more selective in my gear but should I run in this problem again I would not hesitate to buy the service again, here is the money better spent than ingame :D. great Service

  202. fspyder (verified owner)

    Purchased the advanced gear cleanse and I was paired with Elvo7, they did a great job cleaning out all of the useless gear and leaving me only the best gear. We talked about my habit of keeping bad gear with only one or two good substats and wasting the silver hoping that it would stay away from the bad stats and hitting only the good ones. I really appreciate the help and the discussion about what I should be looking for at my stage of the game. Great job, very satisfied with the outcome and will be back if I need any other help in the future.

  203. grega98292 (verified owner)

    Coldbrew has come through again! built a great unm CB team and because he used one of my spider team members fixed so it went from a 40 second spider team to a 17 second spider team!

    Coldbrew rocks and I want to say that I also enjoy his content on the web! He is very, very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond!

  204. Caligeniax (verified owner)

    ColdBrew helped me get from spider 21 to 25 and also with only 17 seconds a round.

    so happy with this purchase.

    Thanks ColdBrew you are awesome.

  205. John McKenna (verified owner)

    Rondolebron helped immensely by explaining flat stat vs % stat gear in relation to a champion’s base stats, which is so important and something I had overlooked.

    He provided a clear set of objectives and had a great understanding of team building for dungeons and arena.

    10/10 would recommend to even early game players as it really helped understand the short/long-term goals specific to your account.

  206. Titus Yoder (verified owner)

    Elvo7 did a great job on the coaching session, and I ended up getting a CB and spider takeover. Went from NM 2 key to an easy UNM 2 key. Definitely can recommend these guys. They put in a lot of effort and time to make things work right. 😎👏

  207. Aaron Hyde (verified owner)

    Rondolebron did a awesome job with my clan boss take over and gear cleansing. Went from doing 20 mil on unm to almost doing a key run. He was very understand and explain everything very well. I would recommend this to anyone.

  208. Escallion (verified owner)

    Scratch did a wonderful job getting me a 2 key auto UNM Clanboss. Close to a 1 key with some better gear which i will now sort. Only a day from purchasing the Clann Boss service and sorted already, so many thanks to Scratch and the team, great work.

  209. Gsrsavage (verified owner)

    I have spent so long trying to get a UNM team even doable and Rondolebron came in and worked out a 2 key (almost 1) UNM with gear I didnt think I could pull it off with without stripping down others. He also kept me informed every step of the way and explained different scenarios, how to work around them and what was needed to get to 1 key. Couldn’t be happier with the results and work performed. I needed help getting on track with little time to work on it and my expectations were blown out. 10/10

  210. Michael Heinz (verified owner)

    Had an Account Review/Coaching with ColdBrew. Helped put me on the right path to advance as I felt like I had hit a wall. A couple tweaks to my CB team, and I went from doing 8mil to 15mil with minimal gear changes. Absolutely worth it!

  211. grega98292 (verified owner)

    As usual, Cold Brew comes through again! Created a 140M plus damage team for Clan Boss! Very quickly done too!
    I am so impressed with his work that I will request him again on another team I have to do the same thing!

    Highly recommend him to all!

  212. Jameth13 (verified owner)

    Amazing service, fast, and efficient. Got a gear clean but also received some great tips on how to manage my artifacts myself. Thanks, Skratch!

  213. fspyder (verified owner)

    Another awesome job by the HH team. Skratch did a great gear cleanse for me and did an awesome job of helping to explain some of the things that I should be looking out for with what gear I should be keeping and which I should be getting rid of. Once again thank you for everything and if I need more help in the future I will definitely be back.

  214. brentlinz17 (verified owner)

    Got a CB take over and went from 4 key UNM to 1 key auto all affinity. Thanks HH team!

  215. KingBaez (verified owner)

    I order a Gear cleansing and the coaching Option Skratch did the order for me amazing service dude is super cool explain to perfection what should I keep when it come down to good gear, honestly amazing service i definitely would be back in the future.

  216. Sorrels (verified owner)

    Had the classic arena regear and the clan boss regear and cannot say enough good things about how Skratch helped me go from a decent player in those two arears to a top notch player! Arena was always tough because I could never get over that hump and would seem to lose against most other teams. I would have to wait and play weaker teams or ones with only 1-2 champs and hope I would get a win. Now, I win a large majority of all battles and have even finished first in 3 classic arena tournaments and also finished in the top 3 in several others.

    Clan boss was a major help as well and am now able to consistently pull 75-90M on UNM and 85-105M on NM!! Such a massive difference on what I was able to do before and now the game is definitely more exciting.

    Not to mention the service was super quick and Skratch did a great job on communication everything they were doing plus gave me some great coaching tips to use throughout the game.

    Thanks again Skratch!!

  217. Kollin (verified owner)

    ColdBrew is nothing short of a wizard at this game! The man takes any problematic situation I throw at him, and he solves it in minutes. My entire account has improved thanks to him, and I’ll definitely be reaching out to him again in the future. Highly recommend! Thanks, ColdBrew!

  218. seanca (verified owner)

    I got an advanced cleanse as my account was overflowing with gear and i was procrastinating around what to get rid of. Skratch contacted me the day before to arrange the cleanse. He went through and cleaned out the gear which no longer met my accounts needs and rolled the remainder through to level 12 leaving me with plenty of space once again and an extra 50M silver from where i started. This along with some tips on what to keep has been beneficial to my account. Thanks for the assistance Skratch. Highly recommended.

  219. Fenix_canuk (verified owner)

    Rondo jumped on my account after I told him what I needed. He did an amazing job and left me with tons of space for new gear, lots of silver and some really good insight as to what gear I should keep and some mistakes I can avoid making so my inventory doesn’t get clogged with trash. Id highly recommend getting the gear cleanse, especially from Rondo.

  220. Fizo (verified owner)

    ColdBrew sorted my CB out today. Its fantastic. Went from a 4key UNM to 2key easy and room to improve. Well worth the cost. that is 60 more chests i can get shards from.

    Tks for the Service!!!!!

  221. Tobias Frick (verified owner)

    Elvo7 thanks for the awesome help!
    Gear cleansed, got me some tips on what to do and what gear to look for!
    Probably the best money spent on the game so far haha!
    Thanks alot!

  222. 1showson (verified owner)

    Got the £35 gear cleanse by Skratch today and not only was it done swiftly, I received some helpful tips for future reference to help me keep my gear collecting in check. I’ve never been so silver-rich before haha

  223. Ian Messham (verified owner)

    I bought a clan boss takeover with fast track service and within 24 hours Sophia was in my account and building me 2 unkillable teams. Unfortunately I didn’t have the champions or gear to have a 1 key ultra nightmare team but Sophia worked wonders and created me 2 teams so that I could do a 2 key ultra nightmare on any affinity and on full auto right from the start. Totally amazing service and would highly recommend it if you are struggling. I can now get top chests on brutal, nightmare and ultra nightmare every single day. Thank you so much Sophia.

  224. Clifford Croft (verified owner)

    Where to begin!
    I doubt if I can fully express what an amazing job Luke did for me and the positive effect he has had on my progress in every aspect of my game.
    I have been playing for over 2 years and had made reasonable progress but I was in a place where I was just treading water and not really advancing in the way I should.
    Luke build me some amazing teams and I am now winning battles that I would never had considered taking on before.
    With the amount of rewards I am now getting in Clan Boss, Classic/Tag Areas, Events and Tournaments (especially legendary shards and books) I doubt if I will ever need to purchase any more packs.
    Luke is amazing and had me up and running with my new teams in no time at all. He is the man and I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to make significant improvements in their game to book a “takeover”. You will not regret it.
    I love watching my Clan Boss teams (running on auto) doing well over 100mil damage (1 key) in Brutal, Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare.
    It used to take me about 8 mins to do Spider Level 25 but after Luke rebuilt my team it only takes 20 seconds now. I am really looking forward to inviting Luke back to sort out the rest of my dungeon teams
    My Classic and Tag teams are well on their way to gold and I am taking on battle that I would have ran away from before.
    Luke is my “Raid Hero” and I will be inviting him back soon to make more amazing improvements to my teams.

  225. Defib (verified owner)

    Was super excited to have Skratch do my gear cleanse today. He did a great job and had some really helpful tips for me as far as cleansing my own gear now that I have room again. Thank you Skratch!

  226. Ratbox99 (verified owner)

    Skratch did a great job with my gear cleanse! Communication was excellent, and he provided me with some additional tips to more finely tune the gear I keep/sell. Very happy with the service!

  227. Lombard (verified owner)

    Before you read, as a bartender, always tip for your services, especially for these guys. Just a friendly reminder.

    I purchased a gear cleanse from Hell, and got Rondolebron as my guide. Needless to say it was worth every penny spent. The time and effort put forth was about 2 hours of cleaning for my account. This is about the average time spent. I went from around 1300/1500 items to about 450/500. This netted me about 50mil silver.

    I was also showered with a good amount of information. Some I knew and others I didn’t. I work a lot of hours and farm a lot and we all know the amount of time sink this game is. This helped me to alleviate my time and spend it elsewhere. Rondolebron was very thorough in the process and in his summary.

    I will be back to these guys for more in the future. Thanks again sir Rondolebron.

  228. Todd Runyan (verified owner)

    Scratch is awesome! He helped me figure out how to get iron Twins to be more reliable, and did some amazing things with hydra for me. Now I’m getting much better artifacts, which is amazing. I would say that paying for the service has saved me a ton of money! My advice is to ask for Scratch to help coach and assist you. He does a great job and is efficient and secure.

  229. Cortavius (verified owner)

    Inbox overflowing with art/acc for months and finally decided to get basic gear cleanse. Skratch did the cleanse himself and was active in discord DM’s giving tips from what he saw including screenshots to bring tips to life. He sold 55% of my artifacts and 59% of acc. I had 95 million more silver after. I waited to fill out review to see if I was missing gear that he sold too much of. I haven’t. The freedom to farm again, to use my forge resources instead of leaving them maxed and to be able to run 3x savage, etc., is advancing my account. I should have done this a long time ago. I also compared screen shot of what I had before to what he kept to learn more about what I should get rid of in addition to his tips and I’m finding I’m not adding back to the pile. If you can roll your gear before the service, the basic cleanse is money well spent.

  230. Brandy Booth (verified owner)

    Thank-You so much Skratch for helping me find my way through the game. I was so lost and couldn’t move forward. there were too many champions to much armor and I was so confused. Skratch directed me to some videos and talk to me about my account and what my next goal should be. Which was just what I needed! I want to play myself and learn so this was so helpful giving me a start to move forward. Before spending tons of money in game this money is better spent knowing what you need and who/what to work on for yourself. Thanks a ton!

  231. grega98292 (verified owner)

    Coldbrew shines again!

    Coldbrew just flat gets the job done and can be counted on to do whatever is asked of him!

    He does high quality work and stands by it!

  232. HRob09 (verified owner)

    Skratch did an amazing job with my gear cleanse! I had full artifacts with an overflow in my inbox. I now have plenty of room for more artifacts and a lot of silver to upgrade. He also provided useful tips on which gear to keep and which to get rid of. Such an amazing job he did. Thank you once again Skratch!!

  233. Waltson Jack (verified owner)

    Awesome experience. Picked up a 3v3 pack and got lucky enough to get Scratch. Really helped me improve. Moving from Silver 3, already in Silver 4 and and should finally be able to make Gold 1. Best money I’ve spent on Raid period! Thanks to the entire HH Team and especially to Scratch for the help and all the content. It make a huge difference in keeping the game enjoyable.

  234. lordmarte (verified owner)

    Thanks to Cold Brew for a great job with the Iron Twins and the arena teams. As always he is available for any questions and is a great help in progressing in Raid.

  235. darkdul (verified owner)

    Got stuck on UNM CB so asked for help remaking and tuning a team. Neva responded quickly and was sorted so now able to 1 Key UNM. Great service.

  236. Hitmanpr (verified owner)

    I got the gear cleanse and the general account assessment/coaching by ColdBrew. He do the gear cleanse faster and he provided helpful tips for future reference to help me keep my gear collecting in check. Also, he provided a great general coaching and recommendations for my account. Thanks to ColdBrew and HH team for the service. 100% recommended.

  237. HELLMORPHEUS (verified owner)

    I got the general coaching cause with so many stuff to do in-game and so many champions i was losing focus all the time. Got ColdBrew and he was excellent. Told me where i should be focusing mostly and what champions could help me get there, some team ideas for a bunch of stuff plus directed me in some videos that will be helpful in my situation. Totally worth it!

  238. Drakencore (verified owner)

    Elvo7 did a top notch gear cleanse for me and I have to say I’m very happy…..I will be requesting Elvo7 again on my next cleanse…..Ty HH and the Team!!!

  239. Andrew Tripp (verified owner)

    Elvo7 was a great coach. He reviewed my progress, helped answer questions about what to focus on next to progress the account. He reviewed teams, gear, areas of the game, and was thorough.

  240. Brian GRABER (verified owner)

    Rondo reviewed my acct and gave me many good pointers based on where I’m at and what to focus on. A+

  241. Phillip Shriner (verified owner)

    Quick turnaround and some tips & pointers to boot; Skratch had his hands full cleaning out my inventory & mailbox of useless gear. Thanks to HH for the service and Skratch in particular for taking that mess on.

  242. Ranique Small (verified owner)

    love the job skratch did on my account

  243. Daniel Chen (verified owner)

    Skratch was super knowledgeable in helping me get my gear cleaned up but also teaching me on how to look at gear and what I should be keeping!

  244. gunnie_gugu (verified owner)

    Cold Brew is awesome as usual! Took my FK Hard from Stage 5 to Stage 10 Auto in no time at all! Just amazing!

  245. 1showson (verified owner)

    Elvo7 did my gear cleanse and did a fantastic job of wading through my hoarded rubbish gear. Fantastic service as always!

  246. bigfootxxxl (verified owner)

    RondoLebron gave me some great tips and suggestions for my CB team.
    It completely changed my game forever.
    Thank You

  247. grega98292 (verified owner)

    Another fast runaround with stellar work from Coldbrew! Built up Acrizia for me in record time!

  248. FlashKillerX (verified owner)

    Skratch did a fantastic job on my gear cleanse! First time I’ve ever let someone else on my account in over 3 years and I have to say I’m super pleased with the work he did. I went from 1300 pieces in both artifact and accessory storage to about 750 in artifacts and 800 in accessories, and everything left over was a top quality piece. Gave me good perspective in understanding what was worth keeping and what wasn’t, and it was pretty nice being left with over 80 million silver at the end of it! To top it all off, Skratch was prompt and polite in his communications with me on discord. I will absolutely be recommending this service to others and purchasing again myself if I ever become bogged down by too much gear again.

  249. txbillwright (verified owner)

    Cold Brew was great. I always love his videos. HH has some of the best content creators out there and this service lets me leverage that to make my account better. Took my FK Hard to Stage 10 Auto in no time at all.

  250. Sparkyyoung (verified owner)

    Scratch did a fantastic job. 1000 piece gear cleans. 110 mill silver just sitting in crap gear. He gave me some great tip for the direction of my account. I am a gear hoarder and have a fomo kind of mentality when it come to gear so it was great to have someone with fresh eyes and experience to sort it out. Thanks Scratch.

  251. John Shaju (verified owner)

    Elvo7 did my gear cleanse and did a fantastic job of wading through my hoarded gear and provided me with some advice Fantastic service! Definitely get more support from takeover in the future.

  252. vprman81 (verified owner)

    I was very pleased by my gear cleanse by Skratch. He cleared out probably 800 pieces and left me with 60 million in the bank. At the conclusion, he provided feedback on how to look for the right pieces of gear and what I was currently doing wrong. I would highly recommend!

  253. Jose Diaz (verified owner)

    Skratch did and amazing job at turning my clan boss team around I can now take on UNM. The service is fast and very legit will definitely be coming back for another service very soon. Very very Happy! He answered all my questions and even gave me a proper path to take to keep furthering my account in the future.

  254. Giantiii (verified owner)

    Skratch is great to work. He just did a review of my account and pointed out a few things that I can change up just to be more efficient. I was very please with the help and much appreciated for all the great suggestions. Highly suggest using this service when you feel stuck and not sure what to do next.

  255. Trex354 (verified owner)

    A+ work and fast as usual thanks again for the cleanse and the tips moving forward.

  256. Raymond LIM (verified owner)

    Skratch is such an insane coach ! He helped me find my way as a F2P player. Gave me direction, telling me which champion I could use to take it further into the game. Some of the champions, I thought was really bad, was in fact good for my progression. Just loved the session ! Can recommend the service and if you get Skratch then you are in for a treat !

  257. Maetze0691 (verified owner)

    Got a General Account Review and Gear Cleans with Rolling. Skratch came in and took care of my whole Mess. He gave me great insight on what I should be looking for in Gear and where to Improve. He answered all my Questions and helped me out immensely on what to focus on next. I am more then very happy with the Result and can only Recommend it to others. A simply wonderful and very Helpful Experience.

  258. bigfootxxxl (verified owner)

    RondoLebron did an amazing job of Gear cleanse.
    He sold about 1500 artifacts/accessories and I got 75m+ in Silver.
    He is so worth for the money!!!!!!
    Thx HH

  259. Nicole Chaplin (verified owner)

    Had trouble with one of the bosses in DT. ColdBrew set up my team in record time. I would definitely try this service again.

  260. Nikita Dale (verified owner)

    elvo7 did my gear cleanse and rolling, i had a full artifact storage and he easily halved it then rolled up 80% of my gear until the silver ran out, this massively helped me especially when it came to using optimiser to re-gear a few champs, he also very kindly gave me the list of champs i need to build to make a spider 25 team, which is a huge help, friendly chatty guy too which was refreshing

    Thanks elvo7 and HH team

  261. Raymond Ke (verified owner)

    Rust helped set up my 1 key UNM clan boss team, and gear cleanse in a quick and professional manner. Would definitely recommend, and use this service again.

  262. Tyler Ferguson (verified owner)

    Just had my general coaching session with ColdBrew and it was great. Really helped me to gain some focus and a direction to move in. Thanks again ColdBrew.

  263. Dima (verified owner)

    Got gear cleansing from ColdBrew and champion regear, did amazing job was extremely quick and really helped me a lot.

  264. Christopher Corse (verified owner)

    From Elvo7 I had a gear cleanse, fast tracked service, the gear cleanse was alright even though he only cleansed gear and none of the accessories. He took a longer than the 48 hours, to complete the service. I figured hey things happen maybe it’ll be better the next time. I then ordered a CB takeover and he said we could easily make a 1 key team, since Coldbrew already made me a 3 key team. He proceeded to use a lot of my resources to make another 3 key team. I loved every takeover I got from Colbrew, have spent hundreds of dollars on this site and feel like this time I got shafted

  265. Peter Gutierrez (verified owner)

    Super straightforward, excellent communication, and outstanding work.!

  266. Winifred Gonsalves (verified owner)

    Skratch did my CB take over, he was very good i expected NM but he took them into UNM, very happy with results, and not all of my team has masteries so will do another 10 to 15k with full masteries, which Skratch said he will help me set that up when i get the scrolls. Skratch was awesome allowing me time to get the gear needed before doing the team. Very happy with the results..Thank you Skratch

  267. Brendan Glynn (verified owner)

    Coldbrew did my CB takeover and coaching. I was contacted almost immediately and the turn around was incredibly fast. I was doing NM 2 key barely and now I have an auto 1 key UNM all affinities team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really couldn’t ask for a better result. I was months if not longer away from this on my own. The amount of resources I will gain is insane. Also most importantly for me is the amount of active time saved now too – I was waiting through a couple NM boss runs every day and sometimes UNM runs which is now non existent leaving me time to actively play other areas of game.
    What I appreciated about the coaching was firstly choice, i could choose what forum and how to receive. I have both generic game tips but importantly specific to my account, what champions to work on – what teams to work on for all areas of the game, which dungeons and what proportion i should be focusing on etc. I have a clear path forward and am even more excited logging into game. Coldbrew also encouraged me to ask any questions and come back with any – my coaching my very clear that questions aren’t necessary but great that he would take that extra time and effort if needed.
    Hugely impressed with professional service, highly recommended, was 1000x the value of any packs I bought in game! Thanks a million Coldbrew and

  268. George Finney IV (verified owner)

    RONDOLEBRON thank you my brother for helping me get things in order. Really appreciate your help and everyone at HH for your hard work! Super happy with my purchase!

  269. flatley09 (verified owner)

    I have already purchased the gear cleanse service multiple times.
    Every occasion went smoother and smoother. And the result was better every single time!

  270. Mark McDonald (verified owner)

    Thank you Skratch for awesome gear cleanse and CB coaching. Upped my damage on NM CB by 20M and freed up a ton of space while making 60M silver. Super helpful advice and set up presets for UNM and NM CB. Will definitely come back additional help as I progress in the game.

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